I promise never to have artificial nails again.  The artificial nails look beautiful but it is expensive to keep up plus the process damages your own nails!



I am so elated as BRETT KAVANAUGH was voted is as our new SUPREME COURT JUDGE!
I respect each person’s view point for or against this nomination. I listened to Ford’s accounting and to Kavanaugh’s. I felt sorry and sadness for both giving testimonies in front of the whole United States.
My wish is for people to see how horrible ranting, raving, screaming, crying, swearing, destroying propert, serves no purpose except for appearing emotionally out of control.
We all need to join together, to work together, for making our Country what our Ancestors fought for us, to have the Rights and Freedoms that we have rather than reacting with mob mentality.
In my opinion SUPREME COURT JUSTICE BRETT KAVANAUGH will be an excellent addition to The Supreme Court. Any doubts, research his life’s record as a Judge.


I was blessed to be able to travel to North Carolina, South Carolina ,and Georgia with my sweet brother Jerry and his beautiful wife, Sharon.
We swam in the Atlantic Ocean at HOLDEN BEACH and collected sea shells plus went to PROVISIONS and ate SHRIMP BURGERS.
The ocean was like getting into an enormous warm bath tub. There were a few ships and little boats passing by but the most activity that was observed at Holden Beach was the swimmers, the surfers and the waders.


2017 Christmas Shopping is completed! All that remains is to wrap presents. Hope everyone will be happy with their gift from Snookums, Izzy and I.
I am feeling a bit nostalgic because I have so many loved ones that have died and moved on to Heaven and I miss them all. LIFE really does happen in an INSTANT!

Frustrated With Blogging!

Every time I think I may be getting the hang of Blogging or WordPress, I encounter a stumbling block.

First, I am not able to sign into WORDPRESS site but if I go to google then I am able to blog.  Also, I am also listed under ATTAWAY!

I do not seem to have problems with commenting to other people’ posting but I have a dickins of a time writting on my own!




To be or not to be!  Half my time is spent trying to find my blogs, remembering pass words for 1, 2,  and 3 blogs!  By time I have had to forget , gorgotten pass words, I am forced to create a new pass word.  Once that is accomplished , I no longer desire to  write anything.

Well, I am satisfied I have managed to get into my accounts and I know my new pass word!  Time to quit writting and head for bed!